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The Magician’s Secret – Available Now!

The Magicians Secret Ad

“The Magician’s Secret” is available now on Amazon. (Here’s a link.) It’s my favorite in the series so far (well, there are only two…) and I really hope you enjoy it as well.

What’s inside? A magician with a secret, carnival food, a creepy fortune teller, dudes rolling around in the dirt, people hiding in bushes, and lots more. Sounds fun, huh?

Here’s a snippet:

“Child, let me see,” she said as she turned my hand over and looked at my palm. The etching of the Gatherer was faint in the low light, but Lady Ina ran her finger along the edges of the symbol anyway. “You will have a long life, dear, but it is twisted and gnarled like the roots of an ancient tree. Your destiny is knotted with darkness and light, odd…quite odd.” She paused, letting go of my hand and peering into her crystal ball. Colors swirled beneath the surface of the glass as she passed her hand over it. “A man will play a significant role in your future. You must decide which path you will choose.”

I’m looking forward to writing the next one, which should be out at the end of May!