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Those Other Things…

Writers wear a lot of hats. And socks, too. With monkeys on them. Well, at least I do.

Some of the other hats I wear are mom, wife, daughter, professor, book reviewer, editor, and personal assistant. Yep, all those! But, I wanted today to tell you a little about (okay, shamelessly self-promote) my editing business, Clicking Keys.

After all, that’s how I got into the writing business. I started writing, particularly self-publishing, so that I could better understand the process my self-publishing clients were going through. And then I started submitting to anthologies…and the writer part of me started to grow. You know what? So did the editor and professor and wife and mom. It’s amazing how all of these things that I once thought were so separate really are all part of the same thing: me.

So, if you have time, please check out my other websites and maybe give the Facebook pages and Twitter pages a follow or like. I’d surely appreciate it.

Clicking Keys (Writer Services)




Enchanted Alley (Book Reviews)






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