Life is about words, dark marks on the pale pulp, weaving mysteries and revealing truths.
– Melissa McArthur
Melissa McArthur is the associate publisher at Falstaff Books, a small press out of Charlotte, NC. She is a freelance editor and graphic designer, author, and Evernote enthusiast. She serves as a founding member and the editorial director at Author Essentials. She teaches writing at York Technical College and Winthrop University.
A graduate of Winthrop University, Melissa has published short stories with Mocha Memoirs Press, Falstaff Books, and other quality small presses throughout the Southeast. Her urban fantasy series, Guardians of Eternity, will be published by Falstaff Books beginning in 2019.
Melissa can be found hiding in the deep corners of the library or at home with her laptop and cat. For those of you in cyberspace, she can also be found at any of the following cyber places:








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