Melissa is an accomplished editor with five years of fiction editing experience and fifteen years of academic and non-fiction editing experience. She edits more than half a million words a year (on average) and has worked with writers all over the world.

She occasionally takes on freelance clients for various types of editorial. Most of her editorial work these days is through her work as associate publisher at Falstaff Books, but she enjoys working with other authors as well.

Rates are generally near what is posted below, but the rates may vary based on the manuscript’s needs and the experience level of the author.

Fiction Editing Rates

  • Developmental Editing Only
    • Includes 1 round of developmental edits with comments in the document and an edit letter.
    • $0.005/word
  • Copyediting Only 
    • Includes 1-2 rounds of copyedits with comments and tracked changes in the document. I can also provide a copy of the notes I take on the characters and setting as I am editing the manuscript if desired.
    • $0.007/word
  • Proofreading Only 
    • Includes 1 round of proofreading with comments and tracked changes in the document. Note: this is a final polish and does not include character notes.
    • $0.004/word
  • Developmental + Copyediting 
    • Includes up to 3 rounds of edits (ex: 2 rounds of developmental editing and 1 round of copyediting). Developmental edits will include in-line comments and an edit letter. Copyedits will include tracked changes, in-line comments, and the notes I take on characters and setting as I am working through the book.
    • $0.01/word
  • Whatever It Needs
    • Includes up to 5 rounds of edits of any kind. Note: this is only for the same manuscript and cannot be broken up across more than one project.
    • $0.02/word

Academic and Non-Fiction Editing Rates

  • Contact for a quote