An Improbable Truth


“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable characters in Western literature.  Conan Doyle’s inimitable detective has been the subject of literally thousands of books, movies, television shows, plays and even songs.  With the rise of the BBC series and the release of most copyrights, the beloved character has found a new life among modern audiences.

In An Improbable Truth:  The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 14 authors of horror and mystery have come together to create a unique anthology that sets Holmes on some of his most terrifying adventures.  A pair of sisters willing to sacrifice young girls to an ancient demon for a taste of success, a sinister device that can manipulate time itself, and a madman that can raise corpses from the dead are just a few among the grisly tales that can be found within these pages.

Curl up with a warm cuppa and leave all the lights on.  This is not your grandfather’s Sherlock Holmes.
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For anyone who enjoys a good Holmes story, you need to do yourself a favor and pick up An Impossible Truth, it is truly worthy to be placed in the Holmes literary canon. For anyone who is not familiar with Holmes but enjoys a good paranormal story this is an excellent way to be introduced to one of the best analytical minds of 19th century literature. Overall an excellent read and well worth the time and money.

– Southern Hennika

**The Chase by Melissa McArthur**
Oh my gosh…this story was so fast paced and so incredibly thrilling. This is yet another story that you get thrown in at the peak of the action, sort of like hitting the ground running. I absolutely loved this one even though it was so short it was filled with action. I didn’t get confused by what the heck was going on around them throughout the story, even though I knew as much as Watson did – which was nothing. Easily one of my favorites in this collection.

–  Ashley Tomlinson