We Are Not This


About the Book

Over two dozen writers from North Carolina or with deep ties to the Tarheel State band together to raise money for LGBTQ charities in Charlotte and North Carolina as a response to the NC General Assembly’s passage of HB2, the “bathroom bill.”

We are not discrimination.
We are not hate.
We are not fear.
We are not oppression.
We Are Not This.

We are –

John G. Hartness
A.J. Hartley
David Childers
Stuart Jaffe
Natania Barron
Faith Naff
Nicole Givens Kurtz
Melissa McArthur
Jason Gilbert
Joanne Spataro
Edmund Schubert
Jay Requard
Michael G. Williams

And many more. We are raising our voices and raising money for non-profits in our community and our state.

Proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to support LGBTQ charities and non-profits in North Carolina.

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