Hop, Skip, and Go Naked!

Join us tomorrow on Facebook for a hilarious and sorta scandalous good time!

As many of you already know, I am dipping my toes into a new genre: romance! It’s a wild and crazy world out there with the other romance writers, but golly-gee, it’s sure fun. My first “official” event as a romance writer is one that is celebrating my good buddy Alexandra Christian’s newest release, Naked!

So, we’re having a slumber party, and YOU’RE invited! Come on over (not really, don’t be that guy) and join us by clicking HERE!

I’ll be taking over the world around 4pm, EST, so come and hang out with us! There may even be a free copy of The Cupid Connection up for grabs.

I hear there will be penis-shaped… stuff… so yeah. Come and watch me be awkward. Yeah. O_O

Here’s the ACTUAL description of the event:

A book launch like you’ve never been to before! We’ll have author takeovers with giveaways, trivia, character naming contests, an Iron Author LIVE reading complete with Southern Belles in their skivvies, a LIVE Q&A—- and of course wine will be imbibed. And you never know… we might invite you over…

ConCarolinas 2016 Wrap-Up

It’s Monday. That means another ConCarolinas is on the books, and I’m brain addled trying to mentally condense all the information that I collected during the past three days. (I love Evernote for that, by the way.)

So, here are some of my possibly not entirely coherent thoughts on the convention as a whole.

  1. It was hot! The A/C wasn’t working so we all melted into puddles of ink in the panel rooms and hallways.
  2. I got to hug so many people! (Hopefully none of them gave me the con crud.) I love hugs.
  3. There was an amazing panel on Writers and Mental Health that I was able to be a panelist on, and it’s one of the best panels I’ve ever done. I learned about SIG-E-CAPS from the wonderful Darin Kennedy. And I just want to thank John Hartness for putting the whole thing together.
  4. I love my tribe.
  5. Writers are wonderful and supportive people.
  6. Stuart Jaffe, John Hartness, Beth Revis, and Gail Martin are awesome at marketing. I learned soooo much from them.
  7. I learned about the importance of a newsletter / mailing list (coming soon!) for authors.
  8. I learned about Amazon Affiliate Links (also coming soon!)
  9. I am wonderfully blessed to be able to write and edit (check out my freelance editing site if you’ve not!)
  10. My parents are awesome for keeping my child while I attended the convention.
  11. Misty Massey is the writer wrangling extraordinaire.
  12. New friends quickly become great friends.
  13. We can give the middle finger to HB2 (there were Prince symbols on the bathroom doors – someone got a picture, right?) Faith Naff, I am SO PROUD of you.
  14. Leann Retell and Faith Hunter are two of the best friends a girl could ask for.
  15. Moderating isn’t as hard as I expected, but it’s super important to prepare.
  16. Nicole Kurtz, Alexandra Christian, Tally Johnson, and Susan Roddey are awesome crazy nuggets and I love them.
  17. Tamsin Silver is the sweetest New Yorker. She needs to move back to the south.
  18. I’m not good at minding a table! O_o


Got Plans?

Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you have plans this Saturday? How about coming out to The BooKnack in Rock Hill to come see us, buy books, and hang out?

Even if you don’t buy a book, we’d love to see you! Let’s fill the store with SpookyLocks and Sherlockians!

Who’s in?

Click HERE for the event link on Facebook.

I hope to see you there!

AtomaCon Wrap Up

AtomaCon was great. Let me tell you. My favorite thing about conventions is getting to spend time with my friends – this wonderful group of folks that I have had the pleasure to get to know over the past few years.

AtomaCon is a smaller con, which is fine with me because I get to spend more time chatting in the hallways and doing silly things than being pushed and hustled around to the next super-important event. Don’t get me wrong, those are great cons too, but for different reasons.

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Oh Editor, My Editor

CROSS-POSTED FROM MAGICAL WORDS: http://www.magicalwords.net/melissa-gilbert/oh-editor/

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New Release Coming!

Final edits have been submitted!

(And I have to say that I am so lucky because my editor is totally awesome. I love her to bits!)

What am I talking about? Oh yeah…I forgot to post. (I did share on Facebook and Twitter though!)

A few months back, I submitted a short story to an open call for submissions for a super awesome sounding anthology — Sherlock Holmes with a paranormal twist!

I waited patiently (read: on the edge of my seat, psychotically checking email) for a response, completely expecting yet another rejection. Then one day I was doing laundry when my phone made the familiar ding that signals I have email. I opened my email and screamed. My husband thought I’d been attacked by the monster that eats our socks. My story, “The Chase,” had been accepted to the anthology!

So, be on the lookout for numerous posts and shares for An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes coming out October 27, 2015 from Mocha Memoirs Press.

Look for the cover reveal next week and join in the discussion using the hashtag #SpookyLock on Facebook and Twitter.

ConCarolinas 2015 Wrap-Up

ConCarolinas is my favorite convention. It’s a local con, just across the NC/SC border from me, so it’s almost like a great big reunion with all my favorite people every year. This year was a little different though. This was my first year going to the con as a  guest! I was accepted as an editor guest on the writing track (yay, Clicking Keys!) and was able to sit on four fabulous panels with some amazing writers. I’m planning to do a separate post about each panel, so look for that coming up in the next few days. The panels I sat on were “Editors and Agents,” “Blogging for Writers,” “The Bad Ones,” and “Stereotypes and How to Avoid Them.”

What I really want to talk about today is the reason for attending conventions. For me (and many others, I’d imagine) it isn’t to make money or sell hundreds of books. Even though that’s great and definitely a factor, it’s secondary to the best reason for attending. The best reason? The people.

This year I was able to have lunch with two of my favorite writers on the planet have dinner with another wonderful, sweet, and amazing writer; share drinks with friends, fellow writers, and fellow editors; and meet so many new people. By the time I left, I was so exhausted that I could barely stand up, but I was so happy and fulfilled that it didn’t matter at all. I was able to spend time with people that I don’t normally get to see, get to know people I already knew a lot better, and make new friends.

I am so thankful to be a part of the writing community. It’s one of the warmest and most supportive groups I have ever met.

IMG_0304 Here are some of the books I bought over the weekend. We have here (from top to bottom) Raising Hell and Straight to Hell by John G. Hartness, Behind the Red Door by Alexandra Christian, Living Dead Girl and Windfire by Tamsin L. Silver, The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy, and War of the Seasons book 2 by Janine Spendlove.


My buddy Sharon Stogner of Devil in the Details Editing Services took this picture of me and my family in the lobby. How cool is that fountain?


This is my husband, Jason Gilbert (who runs Fail-Flix) setting up the table with his books, Faith Hunter‘s books, and Misty Massey‘s books. (Misty usually has chocolate treasures, y’all.)


And, last but not least, here I am taking a selfie with Baart from I Smell Sheep while waiting for the Blogging for Writers panel to start.

I am ready to do it again! I hope to have printed books to sell next year, as my first season of the Maggie stories will be out at the end of September.